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iPhone 7/7+ Audio IC/Loop Disease Repair

Recently, several articles have been released on the problem plaguing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ called Loop Disease, also known as Audio IC iPhone 7 disease.  This problem usually results in audio problems.

Essentially, the mic and speaker functions will stop working for no apparent reason.  The red button under voice memos will be grayed out.  Also, the caller can’t hear the person on the other end and vice versa.  Depending on the iOS version, maybe you’ll get a grayed out speaker.   You might get something like this:

You might also have an iPhone where the phone is stuck on the Apple logo, but you can feel the vibration of the home button.

Update 12/10/2018In iOS 12, you’ll see this error message (Recording Failed) when you try to record a voice memo.

Here at Advance-tech repair we’ve known about this problem for a while now.  The problem is that due to the bending of the logic board or a hard drop, a pad under the chip that handles the audio on the iPhone becomes disconnected from the logic board.



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