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iPhone XS YK Hard OLED LCD Display OEM Black

699 kr


  • 100% OEM.
  • OLED Display with Touch Digitizer.
  • Spare part sourced from ZY brand.
  • Ultra-thin design and smooth finish.
  • Quick delivery within 24 hours!

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Replace your damaged iPhone XS screen with our authentic spare part. This ultra-thin OLED LCD panel delivers unparalleled performance. High-resolution images and immersive brightness levels go hand in hand. Experience smooth and responsive touch with your fingertips. Once you restore the iPhone display, the replacement will look and function just like the original.


Color: Black

Manufacturer: YK

Spare part: OEM OLED LCD Display

Compatibility: iPhone XS (A1920, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2100)


You can self-install the OLED LCD Display conveniently like any other iPhone spare part. Make sure to restore the True Tone function after screen replacement. Check our wide range of tools that may help you replace the display without the help of a professional.

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